Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Kids..My Loves

Libby loves to play outside. She must get that from her dad because I only enjoy being outside if I'm getting some sun. I hate to be hot! It has been really pretty and a low humidity which makes it really nice and kind of cool (for June).

Now that Caleb is older (5 months), I am trying to entertain him more with new things. He LOVES Libby. I love to watch them play together and watch him light up when he hears her voice and sees her come in the room. He's definitely got her wrapped around his soon as she walks away he'll yell for her to come back, and of course, she always does and says "it's ok, sister's here!"

I love being a mom and I love having more than one. I really do think it is a lot easier than just one. If my house and bank account were big enough I would have at least 5, but we would like to retire one day, so I think we'll keep it down to 3. I have been blessed beyond words and I hope I am doing a good job raising my kids. I hope I am doing what God wants me to do, even though it gets tough sometimes. I pray for their future as teenagers and adults. I am really freaked out that one day I will have teenagers! I hope I can keep the same rules about dating, cerfew, friends, etc. for each. I didn't know what to think when I found out we were having a boy. I kept that information to myself for at least 2 weeks because I needed to contemplate about it. Well, that has totally changed because I LOVE having a boy. Even the clothes got cuter than what I remembered! I can't wait to watch them grow up and see how they live their lives. I have to be patient, but I'm just so excited to see what is in store for them!

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  1. Yay!!! You got pictures on one! Woohoo!! It gets easier once you've done it a few times!!